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Makoto Nakata

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Contrary to traditional images of Japanese workshops—and which are often true—Makoto Nakata is not the successor of a family of ceramicists. In fact, he is the first in his family to have undertaken such a project. Perhaps his background has led to his successful journey from the very beginning in crafting his own style, free of the sometimes burdensome traditions. Or perhaps his success lies in his teachings at the Kyoto University of the Arts where he met pioneering ceramicist figures.


Finally, at the age of 40, after years of juggling the practice of ceramics and his job as a professor, Makoto Nakata was able to fully focus on his art. This is the time when he met Garnier & Linker at his Kyoto workshop.


"Nature is my inspiration; especially the mountains and cedar trees. Then I search for the know-how that will articulate the best expression."
Makoto Nakata


Garnier & Linker commented: "We were instantly drawn to Makoto Nakata's embossed enamel creations." Up to that point, the design had been applied to small pieces; mostly cups. All efforts were focused on rethinking the design for larger pieces, with clean yet sharp lines.

Commenting on their co-signed creations, Makoto Nakata said: "Garnier & Linker taught me the expressive impact of pure shapes to reveal the texture of large pieces."